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L S Lawrence Artist - Fine Arts


A Knoxville, Tennessee resident for over 30 years, Larry was born in New York city and raised in northern New Jersey. Growing up, summers and holidays were spent in the Broadway district, working in the family business, The Shubert Theaters, where he was surrounded by art - in the architecture as well as the productions he was privileged to experience. His artistic style was honed in that environment: “I approach my art as a chef crafts a meal - not measuring every ingredient of his dish, but spontaneously adding a pinch here and a dash there, being acutely aware to pay homage to technical skills, protocol and the classical conventions of art and design”.

Larry received his art training at the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts. After graduation, he worked in Manhattan as a graphic designer, but soon felt stifled by those creative boundaries and environment, and began a career in sales, working with Art and Framing companies throughout the southeast. He returned to his passion upon retirement, and has been invigorated by his creative reawakening: “In my drawings with pen and ink, watercolor and oil, I do have mixed intentions. I strive to loosen my line, relax my brush and with a conscious or unconscious mind, attempt - sometimes in vain - to gain access to, what becomes a ‘dance’ - a goal to capture the truest, authentic emotion and intimate connection of the subject of my artistic expression.”

Larry’s hope is that the viewer experiences some of the emotions he sought to capture in creating each piece.

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Larry Lawrence